• «Tic au primaire » and PC « Afric »

     "Tic au primaire" and PC "Afric" :These 2 word groups are not data-processing concepts but products "made in Benin". They were put on the market there is only 24h. The launching of these 2 products took place yesterday  at the Beaurivage Hotel in Porto Novo. "Tic au primaire" is the name of an illustrated work of data processing, written by Daouda Rasacki, doctor in data processing from Benin. According to the author , this work will bring more to knowledge of the many Benineses in the field of data processing. As for "Afric", it is the trade mark of the computer designed by the latter which intends to make Benin development pole of the Tic Manufactured by the Africans starting from a factory of assembly to the Benin one, Afric is provided with a processor MDA 4800+ with a main memory DDRAM of 256 mega bits and with a hard disk of 80 giga bits supported by 4 ports USB. In a demonstration of the internal diagram of the screen, the originator affirms that the screen of Afric is a screen CRT of 15/17 inches, provided with an optics, of a keyboard mutimedia with enclosures accoustics of 400 Watt. Mr. Daouda Rasacki would have presented this PC for the first time at researchers in the United States, in the “Adam Clayton Powell building '' . To allow everyone to have access to this tool, the originator leaves it at a cost approximately 300 US dollars. A manner of contributing to the development of the Tic to the Benin one. With believing its partnership with SERENA . COM and SILICON VALLEY TECHNOLOGY, this situation "must forcing reduce in a drastic way, the rate of illiteracy of our populations in  field of the Tic.By Martin Aïhonnou


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