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    Data-processing park of the Parliament
     The development of Communication and Information Technologies  must follow its normal course in the moment that the  services of State and the Institutions of the Republic  need more  the TICs to increase their outputs. In this case the Beninese Parliament  ,  must  be in dephasing of this reality. The data-processing park of the Parliament, set up concretely by the 4th legislature directed by Antoine IDJI, president of the Parliament; but the management which is made of this park leaves something to be desired for the simple reason that on 5 computers which account the cyber of the Institution,  only one works and is connected after a fashion to Internet network; however lots of  deputies and the civil servants  of the Parliament attend this area. The other sleeve of the question is the default of the care to the computers. In certain offices of the Institution and particularly with the cyber, the tools with knowing PC, inverters, Central processing units etc, have never be cared since a year. Consequently  all the data-processing park of the Parliament is in  piteous state. Which is thus this manner of managing the public property? The authorities of the Parliament are supposed to solve in no time this problem. ; that will make a catch for the good management of the 65 000 000 cfa of computer equipement granted like gift in last middle of week by the People's Republic of China. That is a challenge for Antoine Idji, Chairman of Beninese Parliament. by Martin Aïhonnou
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